Collective Identities and Patronage Networks in Southern Tajikistan

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Hafiz Boboyorov

ISBN 978-3-643-90382-2
Band-Nr. 24
Jahr 2013
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Reihe ZEF Development Studies

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In the post-Soviet Tajikistan rural people experience rapid and
painful changes due to both the increasing political and economic
inequalities and the globalization processes of political Islam, labor
migration and development interventions.

In such a situation state elites, religious notables and their local and
international allies take joint actions to prevent another civil clash.
As a part of their efforts, they highlight local people’s family, communal
and Islamic identities and norms. This dual job of the elites
is to protect their „modern“ power by „traditional““ means.

Born in 1974 in Tajikistan Hafiz Boboyorov now is affiliated with
the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan and doing research on socio-
cultural aspects of political and economic life in Tajik society.
The current publication is based on his PhD study at the Center
for Development Research, University of Bonn, Germany during
2006 – 2011.