Close Encounters of the Invasive Kind

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Sarah Seymore

Imperial History in Selected British Novels of Alien-Encounter Science Fiction after World War II

ISBN 978-3-643-90391-4
Band-Nr. 35
Jahr 2013
Seiten 296
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Reihe Anglistik/ Amerikanistik

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Before the breakthrough of postcolonial studies, British science-fiction authors already saw the opportunity to discuss political and ethical issues of imperialism by projecting human history and behaviour on the alien Other. Case studies of fifteen novels of alien-encounter science fiction illuminate the treatment of colonial and postcolonial concepts such as colonialism, neo-colonialism, Empire, paternalism, hybridity, mimicry and science and technology as means of conquest and resistance. The analysis also aims to show that the Empire is still a vital background for British science fiction.

Sarah Seymore received her PhD at the University of Paderborn in 2013 and is currently working as a lecturer of English literature and Business English.