Towards Defragmenting the Management System of Lake Chilwa Basin, Malawi

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Peter Mvula, Meya Kalindekafe, Paul Kishindo, Erling Berge, Friday Njaya (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-643-90398-3
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2013
Seiten 144
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Reihe Defragmenting African Resource Management (DARMA)


The book presents results of the Defragmenting African Resource Management (DARMA) Project covering Lake Chilwa basin in Malawi.

The central theme is that in order to ensure resource base sustainability, research and management within the basin should adopt an ecosystems approach. Presently, research and management of the basin is sector-based, hence resource user conflicts are increasing. User demand for various resources is increasing rapidly mainly due to population increase and lack of alternative economic activities thereby presenting challenges to sustainable resource management. Specific areas of sectoral interconnections are highlighted and defragmentation options suggested.

Peter M. Mvula is a Senior Research Fellow, Rural Livelihoods, Centre for Social Research, University of Malawi.

Friday Njaya is Assistant Director of Fisheries, Planning Unit of the Department of Fisheries in Malawi.

Meya Patricia Kalindekafe is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology, Chancellor College, University of Malawi.

Paul Kishindo is Professor of Rural Sociology, Chancellor College,University of Malawi.