The Influence of Financial Relations on Sustaining Rural Livelihood in Sudan

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Gihan Adam Abdalla

Reflecting the Significance of Social Capital in the Village Al Dagag, North Kordofan State

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Jahr 2013
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This book started with a vision to portray the Sudanese rural livelihood and the question whether microfinance is able to sustain rural livelihood. Al Dagag village in North Kordofan State, Sudan is chosen to be the research case study. However further questions arose due to using the inductive methodology of Grounded Theory. Throughout the entire research process different categories emerged from the data, which conceptualize the perspective of the rural people on livelihood, microfinance and financial institutions. The path to remodel the livelihood approach led to including new determinants.

Mrs. Gihan Adam Abdalla is researcher. She obtained her PhD at the Free University Berlin, Institute of Sociology.