The Story of Däräsge Maryam

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Dorothea McEwan

The history, buildings and treasures of a church compound with a painted church in the Semen Mountains

ISBN 978-3-643-90408-9
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Jahr 2013
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The painted church in Däräsge Maryam, in the Semen Mountain in northern Ethiopia, is witness to a remarkable event in Ethiopian history. Built by Däggäzmac Webe in the 1850s for his coronation, it was not the venue for Webe’s coronation, but for the coronation of Tewodros II, who had snatched victory from Webe. However, the art, paintings, liturgical objects and a very precious illuminated manuscript book of Revelation, the commissions and gifts by Webe, can still be seen there today.

Dorothea McEwan, Hon. Fellow, has been the Archivist of The Warburg Institute, University of London.