From Ethical Person to Dialogical Society

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Janez Juhant

Challenges of Global Society

ISBN 978-3-643-90415-7
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Jahr 2013
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A person as an ethical being establishes her / himself in dialogue with others. The historical-cultural grounds are the presupposition for it. Dialogue is also an anthropological basis of wo / man and of her / his growth as a person. The first years of life are particularly decisive. In these years a young person assimilates the codes necessary to perceive herself, others and through them the whole world. Dialogue is a person’s basic task by which one organizes her life and acts in a human way. The emotional dimension is more important than the grammatical-symbolic one. The modern, one-sided socio-cultural development hinders such personal dialogue. This is the very case in totalitarian systems as well as in consumer-society. Because of such obstacles the global society needs global dialogue to secure the life for future generations.

Janez Juhant is Professor at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.