Narrative, Dreams, Imagination

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Karlfriedrich Herb, Jen Glaser, Barbara Weber, Eva Marsal, Takara Dobashi (Eds.)

Israeli and German Youth Imagine their Futures

ISBN 978-3-643-90425-6
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2013
Seiten 208
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Reihe Politische Philosophie und Anthropologische Studien.

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Who are we? Who do we want to become? How do we imagine our futures? Located at the intersection of theory and practice, this anthology brings together the voices of scholars, graduate students and educational practitioners as they explore foundational concepts that inform questions of identity and citizenship and shape the way we think about the future. Concepts such as narrative, dreams, imagination and hope are explored from both a philosophical perspective and from the perspective of young people reflecting on their experience.

Dr. Karlfriedrich Herb, Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Regensburg, Germany

Dr. Jennifer Glaser, Melton Center, School of Education,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Co-Director of the Israel Center for Philosophy in Education – „Philosophy for Life“, Israel

Dr. Barbara Weber, Associate Professor, Human Development, Learning and Culture, University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada

Dr. Eva Marsal, Dipl. Psych., Professor of Philosophy (Theology, Psychology), University of Education Karlsruhe, Germany

Dr. Dr. hc Takara Dobashi, Professor Emeritus of Pedagogy, Hiroshima University, Japan