Protecting People – and Losing Just Peace?

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Ines-Jacqueline Werkner, Dirk Rademacher (Eds.)

Debates on the Responsibility to Protect in the Context of Christian Peace Ethics

ISBN 978-3-643-90438-6
Band-Nr. 43
Jahr 2013
Seiten 240
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Reihe Ökumenische Studien / Ecumenical Studies


Taking up the international ecumenical debate on just peace and the international responsibility to protect, this volume documents the discussions on the relation between the two concepts: How does responsibility to protect influence the paradigm of just peace? How can the core idea of prevention be implemented in view of real needs to protect? And can criteria be developed to reflect just peace as a model for Christian peace ethics? Can these criteria also include military intervention as a last resort?

PD Dr. Ines-Jacqueline Werkner lectures at the Institute for Political Science of Heidelberg University and is a peace and conflict researcher at the Protestant Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (FEST) in Heidelberg, Germany.

Dirk Rademacher is executive assistant to the Protestant bishop for the German armed forces in Berlin and a member of the EKD delegation to the 10 th Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Busan, Republic of Korea.