Economy and Society in Central and Eastern Europe

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Daniel Dumitran, Valer Moga (Eds.)

Territory, Population, Consumption. Papers of the International Conference Held in Alba Iulia, April 25th-27th, 2013

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Jahr 2013
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Approaching societies‘ transformation and its influence on
the modernization of the Central and Eastern Europe
economies, between the pre-modern period and the 20th
century, is an useful tool to understand contemporary trends
in the region. Particulary since the debates on economic and
social reconstruction find their counterpart in modern state
construction projects. The history of this region, described
as a space of ethnic, religious and cultural diversity,is
illustrated through the dimension of territory, population
and consumption.

Daniel Dumitran is Associate Professor for
Modern History at the University of Alba Iulia, Romania.

Valer Moga is Associate Professor for Contemporary History
at the University of Alba Iulia, Romania.