Sources of Mythology

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Klaus Antoni, David Weiß (Eds.)

Ancient and Contemporary Myths. Proceedings of the Seventh Annual International Conference on Comparative Mythology (15-17 May 2013, Tübingen)

ISBN 978-3-643-90475-1
Band-Nr. 12
Jahr 2014
Seiten 380
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Reihe Religionswissenschaft: Forschung und Wissenschaft


Myths are cultural and historical documents of extraordinary
importance. Often they represent the oldest written relics
still extant from a particular culture. They enable us to
glimpse at the worldviews of ancient civilizations. Yet
myths are more than mere relics of bygone times: they are
still alive and continue to matter in present-day society.

This volume explores ancient and contemporary myths from
diverse cultural backgrounds. Leading mythologists
investigate the sources of mythology, providing an insight
into the current state of research in the field of
comparative mythology.

Klaus Antoni is professor for Japanese
Intellectual History at the University of Tübingen.

David Weiß is a researcher at the Department of Japanese
Studies at the University of Tübingen.