Beyond Urbanism

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Peter Herrle, Josefine Fokdal, Detlev Ipsen (+)

Urban(izing) Villages and the Mega-urban Landscape in the Pearl River Delta in China

ISBN 978-3-643-90552-9
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Jahr 2014
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Large urban agglomerations have emerged over the past
decades and, in some cases, entire rural regions were
urbanized in less than a decade. These trends not only
reflect an unprecedented quantitative dimension of
urbanization but also the emergence of new urban forms –
beyond urbanism – thus posing new challenges to regional
planners, politicians and urban governance actors.

Peter Herrle is emeritus professor and former
head of the Habitat Unit at Technische Universität Berlin.

Josefine Fokdal is researcher and lecturer at Technische
Universität Berlin.

Detlev Ipsen (dag) was emeritus professor and former head
of the Institute for Empirical Planning Research at the
University of Kassel.