Sounding Cities

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Sebastian Klotz, Philip V. Bohlman, Lars-Christian Koch (Eds.)

Auditory Transformations in Berlin, Chicago, and Kolkata

ISBN 978-3-643-90555-0
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Jahr 2018
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Berlin, Chicago, Kolkata – three modern cities,
whose soundscapes are as different as they are similar.
Historically and musically, all three cities bear witness to
changing worlds, above all the diversity and
multiculturalism that led to the rapid growth of urban
centers from the Enlightenment to the present. It is this
sound world of musical difference, which modernity subjected
to auditory transformation, that is the subject of Sounding
Cities. The chapters in this book draw the reader to the
life of the city itself, to its streets and stages,
transforming how we listen to the modern world.

Philip V. Bohlman is Ludwig Rosenberger
Distinguished Service Professor in Jewish History in the
Department of Music at the University of Chicago, and
Honorary Professor at the University of Music, Drama and
Media in Hanover.

Sebastian Klotz is Professor of Transcultural Musicology and
Historical Anthropology of Music at the Humboldt University
of Berlin.

Lars-Christian Koch is Head of the Department of
Ethnomusicology and the Berlin Phonogram Archive at the
Museum of Ethnology in Berlin, Professor for Ethnomusicology
at the University of Cologne, and HonoraryProfessor for
Ethnomusicology at the University of the Arts in Berlin.