The Making of Griqua, Inc.

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Erwin Schweitzer

Indigenous struggles for land and autonomy in South Africa

ISBN 978-3-643-90577-2
Band-Nr. 2
Jahr 2015
Seiten 356
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Reihe Legal Anthropology and Indigenous Rights


With the dawn of democracy in South Africa in 1994, the
struggle of indigenous Griqua for land has gained new
momentum. Having lost most of their ancestral land in the
19th century due to colonialism, Griqua people are now using
new legal opportunities to reclaim land. On their reobtained
land Griqua people dwell, farm, celebrate indigenous
festivals and create cultural villages for tourists. In
doing so, Griqua people are currently contributing to the
making of Ethnicity, Inc., the double process of
commodification of culture and creation of ethnic

Erwin Schweitzer is lecturer in social and
cultural anthropology at the University of Hamburg,