Does Transnational Mobilization Work for Language Minorities?

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André Michael Hein

A Comparative Study on Romanians in Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Hungary

ISBN 978-3-643-90581-9
Band-Nr. 75
Jahr 2014
Seiten 264
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This study scrutinizes the significance of transnational
mobilization for language minorities, both with regard to
their ability and their motivation to undertake such action.
It is designed as interpretative case study on the Romanian
minorities in the post-communist countries Serbia, Bulgaria,
Ukraine and Hungary.  It concentrates on immobile and
marginal groups outside the focus of international politics
and research. The book contributes to recent research on
cosmopolitanism: only an in-depth study of actors‘ everyday
reality can produce qualified claims on the tense
relationship between local rootedness on the one hand and
possibilities for international mobility on the other. This,
in turn, is vital to assess the vigour of international
processes such as globalization and European integration.

Andr’e Michael Hein was researcher of
Economic and Social Sciences at the University of