Poetics of Loss

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Katharina Lempe

The Elegy in Andrew Motion’s Poetry

ISBN 978-3-643-90606-9
Band-Nr. 15
Jahr 2014
Seiten 248
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Reihe Erlanger Studien zur Anglistik und Amerikanistik


With the removal of death from the public sphere, mourning
has become a private matter. At the same time, particularly
in poetry, the trend is reversed. An intensely elegiac
quality and a focus on absence, death and loss can be
observed in contemporary Anglophone poetry.

This study shows
the poetry of Andrew Motion in the context of the
contemporary elegy, a genre which is at a crossroads between
the anti-consolatory refusal to mourn, the inability to move
past grief, and the strong wish for redemption from grief.
Motion’s poetry, which mainly deals with pre-emptive
attempts to cope with loss, can be seen as a typical example
for the contemporary melancholy mood in poetry.