The Logics of Water Policies in Central Asia

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Andrea Zinzani

The IWRM Implementation in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

ISBN 978-3-643-90645-8
Band-Nr. 23
Jahr 2015
Seiten 268
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Reihe Geographie

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In the framework of Political Geography of Water, this book
examines the logics of water policies implementation in the
Central Asian region. Reflecting on the relations between
political power, water policies and the hydraulic
territories, it analyzes the Integrated Water Resources
Management (IWRM) implementation – the global water paradigm
promoted by the development organizations since the 1990s –
its logics and rationales, in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan at
the basin / local level.

Based on detailed, actor-oriented and comparative
field-research in two river basins, the main findings
highlight how the IWRM implementation was reconfigured by
the two states in order to pursue specific socio-political
strategies, in contradiction with the paradigm’s aims and
the narratives of international development.

Andrea Zinzani, PhD in Human / Political
Geography at the University of Fribourg/Freiburg (CH) and at the
University of Verona (I), holds a post-doctoral fellow (FMSH-Fernand Braudel) at the
CNRS, UMR 7528 Mondes Iranien et Indien, in Paris. His research interests range from Political Geography to Political Ecology and Water Politics, with a regional focus on Central Asia.