Wolf Graf Baudissin (1789-1878)

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John Sayer

Life and Legacy

ISBN 978-3-643-90646-5
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Jahr 2015
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The first English-language biography of the man behind the
scenes who made the German Shakespeare possible and brought
Molière’s plays to life for the German stage.

Baudissin’s life sets a mirror to his age: born with the
French Revolution, spanning from feudal nobility to the age
of industry, from Napoleon’s Empire to the Germany of
Bismarck, in youth revering Goethe, upholding the German
Romantics yet at ease with Realists and championed in old
age by Freytag; devoted to Bach and the piano, friend of the
Schumanns, Chopin, Mendelssohn, his family bridging to

From diplomat to dedicated translator, committed to his
family, to Holstein, and to Dresden high culture, his is a
legacy of sheer human goodness.

John Sayer, literary biographer of Racine,
educator & instigator of reform developments for
the EU & E. Europe