Which Religion, What Ideology?

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Janez Juhant, Bojan Zalec (Eds.)

The (religious) potentials for peace and violence

ISBN 978-3-643-90664-9
Band-Nr. 19
Jahr 2016
Seiten 208
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Reihe Theology East – West: European Perspectives / Theologie Ost – West: Europäische Perspektiven


The book deals with the relation of religion, ideology,
violence and peace. The authors discuss these topics and
related phenomena as religious (in)tolerance, religious
pluralism, political terror and postsecular culture from
different aspects (education, marriage, culture of memory,
business ethics), in different concrete societal contexts
(Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Taiwan …) and
against the background of different academic disciplinces
philosophy, theology, science of religion, sociology,
intellectual history, psychology, science of education and
legal science. Thus the book offers an integral and
inter-disciplinary insight into the nature, origins,
function and connections of the mentioned phenomena.

Janez Juhant is Professor of Philosophy at
the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana, and a
member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts,

Bojan Zalec is Associate Professor of Philosophy, Senior
Research Fellow and Head of the Institute of Philosophy and
Social Ethics at the Faculty of Theology, University of