Identity and Lifestyle Construction in Multi-ethnic Shantytowns

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Mohamed A. G. Bakhit

A Case Study of Al-Baraka Community in Khartoum, Sudan

ISBN 978-3-643-90677-9
Band-Nr. 64
Jahr 2016
Seiten 176
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This book examines the construction of identity and
different lifestyles of the Al-Baraka shantytown community.
The concepts of lifestyle and localization process are used
as basic tools of analysis to develop a theoretical model
that can be applied elsewhere. The localization process
reveals how Al-Baraka people adopt different kinds of
behaviors, institutions and activities from various origins,
and re-invent them locally to be their own. The book
concludes that the social identity of Sudan today is not
confined to a simplistic binary opposition (Arab vs.
African), but is constituted of social identities comprised
of more complex sets of practiced lifestyles.

Mohamed A. G. Bakhit is a Postdoctoral Fellow
in the Volkswagen Foundation funded research project
„Knowledge for Tomorrow – Cooperative Research Projects in
Sub-Saharan Africa“, coordinated by the Centre for
Interdisciplinary African Studies (ZIAF), University of
Frankfurt, Germany.