Toward a History of the Desire for Christian Unity

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Luca Ferracci (Ed.)

Preliminary Research Papers. Proceedings of the International Conference at the Monastery of Bose (November 2014). With a Foreword of Enzo Bianchi and a Postface of André Birmelé

ISBN 978-3-643-90696-0
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Jahr 2015
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Reihe Christianity and History.

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A comprehensive work on the Christian Call for Unity has
still to be written: it requires an analysis of the
doctrinal elaborations and theological languages; a
collection of individual and generational developments; a
focus on ecclesiastical and institutional patterns, and an
historical connection between ecumenism, politics and

A number of scholars attempt to fill this gap: historians,
theologians and members of several Christian denominations
present their researches focused on the search for Christian
unity and its history. The aim is to create a scientific
network and to launch an international research program on
the history of ecumenism in the 19th and 20th Century. This
book presents the first results.

Luca Ferracci is a member of the John XXIII
Foundation for Religious Studies in Bologna where he is
involved in the international research program on the
history of ecumenism.