Pakistan – The Instrumentalization of Islam

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John O’Brien

Political Manipulation of Islamic Theology in Pakistani History

ISBN 978-3-643-90701-1
Band-Nr. 35
Jahr 2015
Seiten 568
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Reihe Beiträge zur Missionswissenschaft / Interkulturellen Theologie – Contributions to Mission Studies / Intercultural Theology


This book studies Islam’s place in Pakistani history and how
it has been continually exploited by successive regimes.
Using Islam as a final political argument weakened it as a
basis of national integration. Playing the Islamic card led
to ever increasing Islamist demands. Jihadists violently
vied to uphold `true Islam‘, often by targeting minorities.
Such self-serving political manipulation is deconstructed in
reflection on key theological debates in Islam.

Dr. John O’Brien is a Spiritan priest. He
first went to Pakistan in 1977 and has engaged in pastoral,
educational and development projects among marginalized
minorities while continuing a dialogue with Islam.