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Helene Basu, Roland Littlewood, Arne S. Steinforth (Eds.)

Mental Health at the Intersection of Religion & Psychiatry

ISBN 978-3-643-90707-3
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2017
Seiten 302
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Reihe Culture, Religion and Psychiatry


Since more than a century, anthropologists and psychiatrists
engage in conversations concerning relationships between
embodied wellbeing and religion. Taking account of shifting
meanings of `religion‘ in global modernities, the
contributions reveal how historically and culturally
embedded local encounters between psychiatry, religious
experience and ritual healing contribute to an increasing
diversification of `mental health‘. The multitude of
theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches
brought to the field in the global north and the global
south introduce novel insights into current debates between
clinical practitioners, ethnographic fieldworkers and
historians of psychiatry.