Dispute Settlement in Eastern Guinea-Bissau

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Anne-Kristin Borszik

Self-Presentations, Stories and Agency

ISBN 978-3-643-90740-0
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Jahr 2016
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„There is no justice in Guinea-Bissau“, many people lament in this West African country. Impunity and legal uncertainty tend to mark their interactions with judges, régulos (chiefs), police officers or imams when they have become involved in a dispute. Based on case analysis, this book analyses dispute settlers’ self-presentations, stories told on them and aggrieved parties’ agency in semi-rural Guinea-Bissau. By introducing a typology of dispute settlers as well as the concepts of person-bound dispute settlement and supporter activation, this book contributes to debates in legal anthropology.

Anne-Kristin Borszik is currently research fellow at the Chair of the Anthropology of Africa at the University of Bayreuth.