Paul’s Approach to the Cultural Conflict in Corinth

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Johannes Wessels

A socio-historical study

ISBN 978-3-643-90742-4
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Jahr 2017
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Reihe Theology in Africa

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The problem of cultural conflict in congregations have been
a serious challenge to the church throughout its history.
Many approaches to tackling the problem of cultural
intolerance and tensions have often been quite pragmatic in
nature, without the presence of a solid biblical foundation
or pastoral model. In this book Paul’s approach as a
slave-leader, emptying himself in analogy of Christ’s own
kenosis is thoroughly discussed, and posed as a biblical
approach and solution to handling this very complex and
contentious issue in churches, especially in the context of

Johannes Wessels is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at
the North-West University, and has been a pastor in various
cultural contexts in Southern Africa.