Here And Beyond

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Helena Buffery, Sergi Mainer, David Miranda-Barreiro, Martín Veiga (Eds.)

Narratives of Travel and Mobility in Iberian Culture

ISBN 978-3-643-90743-1
Band-Nr. 3
Jahr 2022
Seiten 306
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Reihe Hispanic Transnational Studies

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The chapters included in this volume examine a number of modern and contemporary travel and mobility narratives produced in the different languages of Iberia, whether they offer accounts of Iberia itself or portray other geographical or human contexts. Illustrating the diversity of forms characteristic of travel writing, the texts discussed in the book feature representations of travel and mobility as presented in novels, films and other literary and cultural manifestations such as comics, plays and journalistic chronicles. Additionally, the volume incorporates a section of creative responses to the tropes of travel and mobility by contemporary Iberian authors in English translation. Thus, the book provides critical accounts of and creative insights into a tradition that has produced canonical texts, but also unorthodox, complex and challenging narratives, particularly in more recent times.

Dr Helena Buffery is Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at University College Cork (Ireland).

Dr Sergi Mainer is Teaching Fellow in Spanish at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland).

Dr David Miranda-Barreiro is Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at Bangor University (Wales).

Dr Martín Veiga is Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at University College Cork (Ireland) and Director of the Irish Centre for Galician Studies./i>