Authentic Voices, Discerning Hearts

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Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi, Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn (Eds.)

New Resources for the Church on Marriage and Family

ISBN 978-3-643-90760-8
Band-Nr. 1
Jahr 2016
Seiten 192
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Reihe INTAMS Studies on Marriage and Family/INTAMS-Studien zu Ehe und Familie


One may argue that the Second Vatican Council simply came
too early to address the questions that swept over
Christianity and Catholicism with the sexual revolution.
There is little doubt, however, that although the popes in
the post-conciliar era made marriage and family issues a
matter of decision at the highest level, they did not
succeed in thwarting the growing discrepancy between the
church’s moral teaching in these matters and the moral
insights of a large portion of the Catholic faithful. The
two Synods of Bishops which Pope Francis called in 2014 and
2015 can be regarded as a new attempt of the magisterium to
come to terms with the problems that had appeared on the
horizon in the 1960’s. The present volume addresses some of
the major theological and ethical questions at stake and
provides perspectives and resources for a renewed discourse
of the church on marriage and family.

Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi holds the INTAMS
Chair for the Study of Marriage & Spirituality at the
Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the Catholic
University of Leuven, Belgium.

Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn is the Founder and Director
of the International Academy for Marital Spirituality
(INTAMS) in Brussels, Belgium.