How Can the Human Capability Approach Contribute to Gender Mainstreaming?

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Maria De Eguia Huerta

A postdevelopment perspective on the dynamics of gender equality promotion in the international cooperation for development

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Jahr 2017
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Reihe Perspectives on Development

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This work discusses Gender Mainstreaming out of a
post-development perspective, while it explores in which
ways may the Capability Approach contribute to this
strategy. The author puts notions of wellbeing at the heart
of her arguments and questions the concrete practices of the
development apparatus that derive from the idea of bringing
gender equality to the Global South. She looks at the power
structures which shape the relationships between development
professionals, local experts, and local participants.

This interdisciplinary research has followed the Grounded
Theory methodology using its potential to decolonize
knowledge production. The fieldwork was conducted in Germany
and Bolivia.

Maria De Eguia Huerta is currently a
Postdoctoral Researcher at the UNESCO Chair „Women,
Development, and Cultures“ at the University of Vic –
Central University of Catalonia.