Legal Framework and Basis for the Establishment of Space Cooperation in Asia

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Mingyan Nie

ISBN 978-3-643-90816-2
Band-Nr. 25
Jahr 2016
Seiten 264
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Reihe Kölner Schriften zum internationalen und europäischen Recht. Cologne Studies in International and European Law


This study aims to discuss the legal opportunities for
establishing an institutionalized framework of space
cooperation in Asia.

There are two main steps to be undertaken in order to
achieve the goal of the present study: in the first step,
the national space regulations of the main Asian space
countries are to be compared and analyzed, and the „model
provisions“ for promoting the cooperation of these Asian
space countries are to be proposed by applying international
standards. In the second step, legal measures to improve the
cooperation activity of APSCO are proposed by way of
comparison to the legal framework of ESA as well as
analyzing the situation regarding the development of Asian
space activities. Meanwhile, relevant legal measures for
coordinating the programs of APSCO and APRSAF are proposed.

Mingyan Nie is researcher at the Institute of
Air and Space Law, University of Cologne.