Bhima’s Mystical Quest

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Petrus Suparyanto

As a Model of Javanese Spiritual Growth

ISBN 978-3-643-90883-4
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2019
Seiten 440
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Reihe Nijmegen Buddhist and Asian Studies

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This research based on the Jasadipoeran Sêrat Déwaruci, the Ki Nartosabdan Déwaruci play, and the dhalangs‘ interpretation of the Déwaruci play they performed. Using three divisions of the horizontal tripartite of the Déwaruci play, and of the vertical tripartite of the wayang kulit cosmology, together with the Javanese concepts of lair, batin, and rasa, the examination of Bhīma’s quest reveals three stages of the Javanese spiritual growth, which can be systematically summarized as the purification of the corporeal feelings, the purification of the emotional feelings, and the purification of the intuitive feelings which culminates in the union with God, the so-called manunggaling kawula-Gustia.

Petrus Suparyanto continued to study for his doctoral degree at the Radboud University. Bhīma’s Mystical Quest As a Model of Javanese Spiritual Growth is his PhD thesis.