Representations and Renegotiations of the Nation in Anglophone Cameroonian Literature

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Priscillia M. Manjoh

ISBN 978-3-643-90891-9
Band-Nr. 7
Jahr 2018
Seiten 448
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Reihe African Languages – African Literatures. Langues Africaines – Littératures Africaines


Guided by postcolonial theory and the ideas of some Western
and African philosophers this study’s in-depth analysis of
the novels of three Anglophone Cameroonian authors addresses
the question of how principles of nation formation and
nationalism are influenced by both colonialism and
pre-colonial in situ constituents. The analysis focuses on
how nations represented in the imaginary worlds constructed
by the novelists are dominated by aspects such as ethnicity,
corruption, authoritarianism, nepotism, solidarity and
communitarianism which marginalize the masses, leaving them
in misery and abject poverty. Tracing the historical
settings of the novels from 1948 till present day, the study
delineates the writers‘ representation of the Anglophones of
Cameroon as being marginalized as well as suffering from
self-marginalization and also demonstrates how postcolonial
misery in Africa is not caused solely by colonialism but by
several other aspects. This study reads the works of these
Anglophone novelists not only as representing aspects in a
nation but as tools of renegotiating a better society and a
way forward for this nation.