The Guodian Bamboo Slips Lao Zi

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Hou Cai

English and Chinese Edition. Edited by Irene M Miller and Hans-Martin Sass

ISBN 978-3-643-90898-8
Band-Nr. 16
Jahr 2017
Seiten 142
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Reihe Ethik in der Praxis / Practical Ethics – Materialien / Documentation


The 85 Lao Zi bamboo slips from around 300 B. C. E. are
the earliest texts of what later became known as the `Tao Te
King‘. They contain also the until now unknown Taoist
narrative of Creation `Great One gave Birth to Water‘. These
texts are very original and not yet intermingled with
Confucian philosophy, governance, or ethics.

These, in 1993 discovered Bamboo Slips were translated by
Professor Hou Cai initially into German. This English
translation presents the Tao Bamboo Slips in modern
simplified Chinese characters, with commentaries and a
comparison of the modern Chinese version to the old
This bilingual Chinese-English publication is a contribution
to the crosscultural visions and values of the New SiIk Road
of the 21st century.

Hou Cai is Director of the Institute of
Philosophy at the Central Party School in Beijing.

Irene M. Miller is a cellist and medical expert.

Hans-Martin Sass is Senior Research Scholar at Georgetown
University in Washington DC, Honorary Professor at Remnin
University and Peking Union Medical College in Beijing.