Governance in Conflict

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Blanka Bellak, Jaba Devdariani, Benedikt Harzl, Lara Spieker (Eds.)

Selected Cases in Europe and Beyond

ISBN 978-3-643-90905-3
Band-Nr. 70
Jahr 2017
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This edited volume provides new insights into the interplay
between governance and conflict. The articles in this volume
deal with this problematic dimension from a variety of
perspectives, covering different actors and topics as well
as a vast array of geographical locations and entities that
include both states and de facto or unrecognized
states such as Transnistria. Scholars and practitioners have
contributed to this work to bridge the gap between academia
and practice. The volume blends scholarly research with
examples of practical application to approach the conundrums
of governance in and during conflict in a comprehensive way.

Blanka Bellak, Ph.D., is the former Director
of the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict
Resolution (ASPR). She works on leadership, peace and

Jaba Devdariani is a consultant in public administration
reform and the design of negotiation frameworks. He holds a
master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and

Benedikt Harzl is an Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation
Fellow at Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC and
Assistant Professor at the University of Graz.

Lara Spieker is a social researcher and former intern at
ASPR. She holds an M.Phil in South Asian Studies from the
University of Oxford.