Tracks and Traces of Violence

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BIGSAS-Workgroup „Tracks and Traces of Violence“ (Ed.)

Representation and Memorialization of Violence. Views from Art, Literature and Anthropology

ISBN 978-3-643-90914-5
Band-Nr. 80
Jahr 2017
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The book explores the social conditions,
political contexts, and cultural spaces of violence in
Africa.It comprises accounts that underpin the visible and
hidden `tracks and traces‘ of violence in the memories of
traumatised individuals and groups. It also interrogates the
gaps, silences and vacuities of/in these memories and the
role they play in shaping the facial contours of our modern
societies.Weaving together views from literature,
anthropology, art, cultural studies and museum studies, this
book provides deeper insight into the meanings of violent
socialities, spatialities and temporalities, as well as into
how they materialise in poetry, fiction, art and popular