The Development of the Mutuality Principle in the Insurance Business

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Johann Brazda (Ed.)

An International Comparison

ISBN 978-3-643-90973-2
Band-Nr. 32
Jahr 2020
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The mutual insurance society as a form of enterprise has
faced worldwide structural changes during the last couple of
decades. Nevertheless, both organisational forms on the
insurance market, mutual insurance societies and insurance
joint stock companies, still coexist. The present
publication examines and evaluates the development of the
mutuality principle in the insurance business in an
international context. The results of the various country
studies suggest a gradual weakening and reinterpretation of
the mutuality principle over time.

Johann Brazda studied economics at the
University of Vienna and has been a professor there since
1997. He is involved in many international research projects
concerning the changing structures of co-operatives.