Social Services between General Interest Orientation and Internal Market Dynamics

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Mathias Maucher

A historic-reconstructive analysis of EU-level policy making and discourse 2002 – 2016

ISBN 978-3-643-90999-2
Band-Nr. 4
Jahr 2018
Seiten 508
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Reihe Mensch und Sozialordnung in der EU


The thesis analyses the EU-level policy process on „Social
Services of General Interest“ over more than a decade. The
author identifies the factors that can explain the
development and state of play of the EU-level legal, policy
and quality frameworks at the end of 2016. He elaborates on
relevant theories, concepts and political discourses and
looks into the role and initiatives of the EU Member States
and the European Commission as the key policymakers. The
thesis analyses the reasons and implications for the
organisation, provision and financing of social services
that stem from the overarching or recalibration of national
policy arenas and scopes by the internal market and the EU
policy context.

Since 2011 Mathias Maucher works as Political
Secretary „Health and Social Services“ at the European
Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) in Brussels.