Power Relations of Development

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Tamer M.A. Abd Elkreem

The Case of Dam Construction in the Nubian Homeland, Sudan

ISBN 978-3-643-91008-0
Band-Nr. 88
Jahr 2018
Seiten 432
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„This book provides wide-ranging theoretical perspectives
and rich ethnographic material to analyze the
state-society-development nexus in Sudan. Overall, it
provides a rare insight into the planning phases of the
Kajbar Dam, in the home areas of the Mahas Nubian people.
The book’s chapters provide convincing analysis of how
relationships evolved throughout decades of planning between
Sudanese state actors and local people – and among the
locals – as they positioned themselves for or against the
dam. Certainly, an important contribution to the proud
tradition of Sudanese anthropology. „
Prof. Leif Manger, Bergen University