Balkan Life Courses

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Klaus Roth, Milena Benovska (Eds.)

Part 1: Childhood, Youth, Old Age, Work and Rituals

ISBN 978-3-643-91026-4
Band-Nr. 20
Jahr 2018
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Reihe Ethnologia Balkanica

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The historical upheavals in Southeast Europe since the early 20th century brought about deep transformations of people’s everyday lives and their life courses. The concept of ‘life course’ enables the understanding of human lives within their socio-cultural and political contexts, stressing agency and people’s everyday experience. Balkan contexts invite for analyses that bridge political and social changes and their influence on individual life courses.
The papers discuss problems such as family life and parenthood, ages and ageing, life-cycle rituals and the artistic expressions devoted to them. The authors present manifestations of the social differentiation and cultural multiplicity under post-socialist or post-colonial conditions – from developing contemporary global life styles among the emerging urban middle class to the ghettoization of some social or age groups. This volume focusses on developing family cultures, on experiencing socialization and age, on ‘old’ and ‘new’ life cycle rituals and their artistic representations in contemporary Southeast Europe.

Klaus Roth is professor em. at the Institute for European Ethnol¬ogy of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.
Milena Benovska is professor in cultural anthropology at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia.