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Mulugeta Bezabih Mekonnen

The Engagement of Ethiopian Diaspora Associations Based in Germany

ISBN 978-3-643-91028-8
Band-Nr. 90
Jahr 2018
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With a tenfold increase in remittance flows over
the last 25 years, the diaspora’s role in the development
efforts of the global South has gained broader interest.
Besides financial remittances, flows of skills and social
remittances have gained attention, particularly the
relevance of diaspora associations as drivers of
development. This book explores the engagement of Ethiopian
diaspora associations in Germany for their home country’s
development. It investigates the policies of the Ethiopian
and Germany governments, and the opportunities the policies
generate for diaspora engagement efforts.

Mulugeta Bezabih Mekonnen is currently
working at the Center for African and Oriental Studies,
Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.