Deathless Hopes

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Alexander Massmann, Christopher B. Hays (eds.)

Reinventions of Afterlife and Eschatological Beliefs

ISBN 978-3-643-91033-2
Band-Nr. 31
Jahr 2018
Seiten 202
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Reihe Altes Testament und Moderne


Questions of eternal life and a revolution of the human
condition have been a continuing theme in many religions,
notably in the Abrahamic faiths. In one way or another,
„deathless hopes“ continue to play a prominent role in
today’s public discourses. To understand the current
significance of the issue, a thorough grasp of historical
dynamics is required. This volume gives a representative
overview of prominent traditions in the Hebrew Bible, Jewish
Studies, contemporary ethics, theology, and anthropology,
but also evaluates common questions afresh, suggesting new

Alexander Massmann is a postdoctoral
researcher in theology at the Faculty of Divinity at the
University of Cambridge (UK).

Christopher B. Hays is D. Wilson Moore Associate Professor
of Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Fuller Theological
Seminary in Pasadena, California.