Dialogical Foundations of Business Ethics

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Przemyslaw Rotengruber

ISBN 978-3-643-91060-8
Band-Nr. 40
Jahr 2019
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Seeking an ethical formula that would prove useful for
evaluating actions and events occurring in the sphere of
business and economics, the author focuses on dialogue. The
need for dialogue is justified by the fact that
interlocutors share a conviction that the relationship
between them is valuable. Although the manner for assessing
business experiences in the proposed formula is narrowed
down to the interactive criterion of fairness, this
criterion is sufficient for enabling partners to agree, or
for them to reach a consensus. It reveals to them the
ethically and praxeologically destructive effects of
refusing to exchange information about their own
accomplishments and plans and, sometimes, the consequences
of refusing to accept responsibility for the process of
others taking on the role of business partners.

Przemysław Rotengruber is Professor at the
Institute of Cultural Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University,
Poznan, Poland. He is the editor-in-chief of the
Journal of Applied Cultural Studies and a a board
member of the Polish branch of the
European Business
Ethics Network.