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Ya Decoopman

The Kasuga gongen genki e and Its Re-creations in Seventeenth to Twentieth-century Japan

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Jahr 2019
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The early 12th century set of illuminated handscrolls known
as Kasuga gongen genki e, as a Japanese national treasure,
has been widely discussed by researchers from art history
and other fields since the beginning of the 20th century.
However, little is known about its re-creations, even though
making re-creations has been a common and important practice
in Japanese art since the beginning. By comparing the
authoritative Kasuga gongen genki e with its five complete
re-creations in different aspects such as painting,
calligraphy and patronage, this book demonstrates that each
re-creation is an individual piece of art with its own
aesthetic, social and historical meanings and values.

Ya Decoopman is art historian,
entrepreneur, conference
interpreter, writer and Ikebana teacher. Her research
interests include re-creations of artworks in Japan, flower
arrangement in East Asia, conservation and restoration of
ceramic objects, and the symbolic representation of the
Chinese language.