Queens, Princesses and Mendicants

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Nikolas Jaspert, Imke Just (Eds.)

Close Relations in a European Perspective

ISBN 978-3-643-91092-9
Band-Nr. 75
Jahr 2019
Seiten 312
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Reihe Vita regularis – Ordnungen und Deutungen religiosen Lebens im Mittelalter. Abhandlungen


The decades between ca 1280 and ca 1380 were marked by a
striking affinity to the Mendicant orders on the part of
many female members of royal and princely courts. And yet,
„Queens, Princesses and Mendicants“ is both an innovative
and comparatively neglected juxtaposition in medieval
studies, for historical research has generally tended to
neglect the relationship between Mendicants and aristocratic
women. This volume unites twelve articles
written by experts from seven European countries. The
contributions cover a wide array of medieval European
kingdoms in order to facilitate direct comparisons. Was
affinity towards the Mendicants a prevalent phenomenon in
the late Middle Ages? Can one even term „philomendicantism“
a late medieval European movement? The collection of essays
provides answers to these and other questions within the
field of gender, religious and cultural history.

Nikolas Jaspert is Professor for Medieval
History at Heidelberg University.

Imke Just conducted a research project on „Gender and Piety“
(financed by the German Research Council) and is concluding
her doctoral thesis at Heidelberg University on the
relations between noblewomen and Mendicants in Central