Balkan Life Courses

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Klaus Roth, Milena Benovska (Eds.)

Part 2: Kinship, Religion and Memory, Mobility and Identities

ISBN 978-3-643-91093-6
Band-Nr. 21
Jahr 2019
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Reihe Ethnologia Balkanica

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The historical upheavals in Southeast Europe since the early 20th century brought about deep transformations of people’s life courses. The concept of ‚life course‘
enables the understanding of human lives within their socio-cultural and political contexts, stressing people’s everyday experiences and agency.

The papers in this volume discuss problems such as the impact of migration and mobility on families, such as economic migration transforming traditional
structures into individualistic strategies. Other papers give examples of ruptures of life worlds caused by the impact of dramatic historical events.
Demonstrating the agency of actors instead of presenting them as passive victims, some authors present approaches that are innovative for the region. Apart
from various forms of migration and their impact on life courses, the volume also includes contributions on the role of religion and social memory in the family.

Klaus Roth is professor em. at the Institute for European Ethnology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.

Milena Benovska is professor in cultural anthropology at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia.