Opening the Black Box of Cabinet-Level Politics

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Sarah Sinram

Explaining Disaggregated Public Social Expenditure Changes in Affluent, Parliamentary Democracies with Cabinet-Level Politics and Institutions

ISBN 978-3-643-91117-9
Band-Nr. 23
Jahr 2019
Seiten 224
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Reihe Policy-Forschung und Vergleichende Regierungslehre


The book takes a look at social expenditure in affluent
democracies in times of fiscal austerity. The study analyzes
expenditure changes in nine social policy areas between
1980 – 2010, from an intra-cabinet perspective by
considering the partisan affiliation of responsible spending
ministers and effects of budgeting reforms.

Thus, the analysis contributes to the question of whether
parties or institutions matter.

Sarah Sinram is a political scientist and
has worked at the Universities of Göttingen and Hannover.