Fritz Jahr and the Emergence of European Bioethics

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Iva Rincic, Amir Muzur

ISBN 978-3-643-91134-6
Band-Nr. 43
Jahr 2019
Seiten 160
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Reihe Ethik in der Praxis / Practical Ethics – Studien / Studies


The book presents the results of a long research into the life and work of the German theologian and teacher Fritz Jahr (1895–1953) from Halle an der Saale, who was the first to use the term „bioethics“, as early as 1926. It is a revised history of bioethics with an overview of all 22 of Jahr’s known published papers. The analysis follows the diffusion after 1997 of the discovery of Fritz Jahr worldwide and particularly the contribution of Croatian bioethicists to it.

Iva Rinčić and Amir Muzur teach at Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Studies of University of Rijeka, Croatia. Beside monographs on Jahr and Potter, they published two more books on the history of bioethics in Europe.