Preaching the Fear of God in a Fear-Filled World

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Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm (Ed.)

Proceedings from the 13th Conference of Societas Homiletica, Durham 2018. Studia Homiletica vol. 12

ISBN 978-3-643-91141-4
Band-Nr. 11
Jahr 2020
Seiten 194
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Reihe Homiletische Perspektiven/Homiletic Perspectives


Fear runs rampant in the world today, including fears
related to the rise of nationalism, refugees, political
corruption, violence, religious extremism, and climate
crises. Amid these existential realities, the biblical idea
of „the fear of God“ poses theological opportunities and
challenges for those who address these themes in their
preaching and public ministry. This collection of conference
presentations from the 2018 meeting of Societas Homiletica
focuses on how preaching and homiletical studies around the
world address the rhetorical, biblical, political, and
spiritual dimensions of fear as it has emerged in recent
decades in church and society.

Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm (ed.) is Brightbill
Professor of Preaching and Worship at Bethany Theological
Seminary in Richmond, Indiana (USA). The recent president of
Societas Homiletica, she studies the intersection of
homiletics, social justice, spirituality, and theopoetics.