Existentia Hermeneutica

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Andrzej Wiercinski

Understanding as the Mode of Being in the World

ISBN 978-3-643-91151-3
Band-Nr. 11
Jahr 2019
Seiten 512
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Reihe International Studies in Hermeneutics and Phenomenology


Existentia hermeneutica is phronetic existence with the aim of cultivating practical wisdom in human life: It comes from life, influences life, and transforms life. Understanding what is happening in life requires reaching the hermeneutic truth, which is the truth of understanding. The experience of hermeneutic truth calls for personal commitment and existential response, and, thus, expresses the hermeneutic moral imperative. Referring to Heidegger’s phenomenological analytics of Dasein, Gadamer emphasizes that understanding is not only one of the human capabilities, but a way of Dasein’s being-in-the-world.

Andrzej Wierciński, Professor of Philosophy of Education, University of Warsaw, and President of the International Institute for Hermeneutics.