Epistemic Challenges in a Modern World

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Gunnar Skirbekk

From „fake news“ and „post truth“ to underlying epistemic challenges in science-based risk-societies

ISBN 978-3-643-91171-1
Band-Nr. 42
Jahr 2019
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The modern world is in crisis, a double crisis, as it were:
at the factual level, with various challenges that tend to
interact and reinforce each other; and at the epistemic
level, where no single science or expertise alone can grasp
the complexity of what is going on. In this publication,
such basic epistemic challenges are addressed, critically
and constructively; and in this perspective, four current
cases are discussed and assessed, such as the United Nations
Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. On this background,
some proposals for epistemic and institutional improvements
are considered.

The author, Gunnar Skirbekk, is professor
emeritus at the Department of Philosophy and the Center for
the Study of the Sciences and Humanities at the University
of Bergen, Norway.