And God Saw That It Was Good (Gen 1:12)

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Filip Capek, Petr Sláma (Eds.)

The Concept of Quality in Archaeology, Philology and Theology

ISBN 978-3-643-91185-8
Band-Nr. 42
Jahr 2020
Seiten 306
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Reihe Beiträge zum Verstehen der Bibel / Contributions to Understanding the Bible


In this volume, the concept of quality is discussed both in the Bible and in the scholarship that evolved
around the Bible. Scholars of various backgrounds analyse the Bible and its narrative and enumerative (or legal) way of qualifying
the world around. According to the intrinsic theological view of the Bible, it is God himself who is the touchstone
of any qualitative judgement. From literary and historical point of view though, we can – and we often do – judge Bible
and things around us differently. The volume presents an intersection of biblical theology, Biblical criticism and
Biblical archaeology in their quest for (their respective renditions of) quality.

Both Filip Čapek and Petr Sláma teach the Old Testament at the Protestant Faculty of Theology of the Charles
University in Prague, Czech Republic. In their research, Čapek has been focussing on biblical archaeology,
Sláma has been dealing with questions of biblical theology.