Conflict at the Interface

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Bert Preiss

Local Community Divisions and Hegemonic Forces in Northern Ireland

ISBN 978-3-643-91191-9
Band-Nr. 34
Jahr 2019
Seiten 456
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Reihe Internationale Politik / International Politics


More than two decades after the Northern Ireland
peace agreement, conflict still flares between deprived
Protestant/Unionist/ Loyalist and
Catholic/Nationalist/Republican working-class interface
communities, who remain divided by numerous ‚peace walls‘.
In light of Brexit, the Irish border issue and the
power-sharing impasse progress in local peacebuilding has
stalled. This might even jeopardise the overall peace
process. Within this context, this book explores, largely
empirically, the nature and causes of conflict at the
interface. An attempt is also made to provide an outlook on
peace in Northern Ireland and to highlight potential lessons
for other conflict-ridden, divided societies.

Bert Preiss is Lecturer at the Department of
Political Science, University of Vienna, and the Centre for
Southeast European Studies, University of Graz.